I’m back….

So I did want ever blogger does… started a blog… had all these plans and ideas for my blog and then went radio silent….  Well, here we go again. Over the past few months I’ve been taking notes on classes I’ve taught. Themes I’ve talked about and life events I felt appropriate to share. Now I’m ready to put them to print to share… so be on the look out.

It’s Wednesday Morning…..

Last night I went to bed not knowing what was going to happen both outcomes really scared me, and I don’t feel I was the only one. When I woke up I saw the outcome my heart sank. What had just happened.

So here is what I’m going to do… and your welcome to join me in this… I’m taking this one on like I take things on when I’m on my mat. I’m going to breath thru this. Take each moment slowly and mindfully. In my heart I know there is with out a questions more good in the world than evil. More light than darkness, and well more compassion than hate. So I will not going to share my political views, rather I’m going to stand tall and breath.

There are days when I get on my mat as just part of my weekly cycle, I just go thru the motions and do what I feel I “should be doing”, while there are other days I get on my mat and cry, laugh, come to peace. Either way I breath thru my practice and just see what happens.

Hey, we’re all in this together! How are you are taking on the news of last nights election is a clear view of how you take most things on. Are you yelling, are you cursing the universe, are you crying, in sorrow, gloating? Or like me are you just trying to breath thru it.

Here we go…

So I’m about to eat dinner and get ready for my last weekend of my 200 hour training… My head is spinning and I just can’t get well grounded. As I prepare for this weekend I’m going to do something a little different. This weekend I’m going to go with my gut.

What does this mean… well I’m not a cryer, I’ll do anything to fight back tears. So this weekend if I need to cry… I will. What if this weekend rather than just going thru the motions and doing what we “should be doing” we let our gut speak up a little more. Rested  when we need to rest. Slow down, take an extra breath?

So here goes…

There are a few things I know for sure I’m good at. Car dancing, get every last drop from a frap (its a kind of Milkshake for those of you out side of Massachusetts), and there are a few other things. Things that I know that are not my strongest characteristics (for some reason this list came to me a lot faster) cooking any kind of red meat, spelling/writing/ grammar, taking a compliment, looking at my reflection and not finding every single items that is wrong with me, having someone take my picture and liking the results. And this list can go on and on and on, probably longer than those things I am good at.. If you ask my husband, and friends they could list a lot more things than I can about what I am good at but struggle with the things I am not so great at. Weird how that happens?!

So here goes… I am going to start to put more energy into see the good in myself and my thoughts about myself and the world around me, than going to my default. The default we all have that is part of our fight or flight thought process. The  mind is a weird thing at times? Regardless of how far we come mentally we are still at times of living in a cave and worried about being “picked off”. Fear over takes us and we can’t get pass those negative feelings and thoughts of what is going to go well, wrong.

So here goes nothing… I’m going to start to talk about in my classes as well as on this blog about the good. How I struggle to find it and how I am working on finding that better me.

Training weekend

So I just wrapped up a yoga teacher training weekend…. This is one of the many reason I have been MIA (Missing In Action). So a Training weekend for me means the following:

Friday at the studio at 6pm training until 10pm

Saturday got up at 6 to teach my 7:30 class…. be back at the studio for 2pm and train until 10pm

Sunday take a class at 11am and start training at 12:30 stay until 9pm.

Monday No tiring…but teaching three classes….

Training has been a roller cost for me and I’ll get more into that later. After a training weekend your mind is mush! Your physically tired, and your mentally having a hard time deciding how to drive your car home something you should be able to do with out thinking.

Slowly your mind settles and you are able to take in all the weekend has offered you. There is an amazing amount of self study in yoga training. Not only do you learn how to teach a flow, make play list, learn about the human body, you are also learning about how people will land on their mats in your class. At times you reflect on how you land on your mat… What got you to the studio? Why are you practicing? How are you taking care of yourself…

Yoga Teacher Training (TT) has absolutely been a turning point for me. Not only physically but how i react to my own reflection in the mirror.

Might as well start here….

So here we go…. I’m starting a blog! I’M STARTING A BLOG… the panic that just set in is a bit over whelming. Writing is not my “thing” to be honest I break a sweat signing birthday cards, worried about my handwriting, spelling, and grammar. Well at least here I can rest a sure that my handwriting will not be a concern, right?!

So why do this….

Well I’m just about to wrap up teacher training and wanted to share my themes, my experiences, and well who knows what else. You see sharing my feelings, my thoughts isn’t something I am really good at. Along life’s journeys a skill that has been master is deflecting and not talking about what is happening with me… to be honest and true to the yoga community this is something I need to work on. So here goes….