Training weekend

So I just wrapped up a yoga teacher training weekend…. This is one of the many reason I have been MIA (Missing In Action). So a Training weekend for me means the following:

Friday at the studio at 6pm training until 10pm

Saturday got up at 6 to teach my 7:30 class…. be back at the studio for 2pm and train until 10pm

Sunday take a class at 11am and start training at 12:30 stay until 9pm.

Monday No tiring…but teaching three classes….

Training has been a roller cost for me and I’ll get more into that later. After a training weekend your mind is mush! Your physically tired, and your mentally having a hard time deciding how to drive your car home something you should be able to do with out thinking.

Slowly your mind settles and you are able to take in all the weekend has offered you. There is an amazing amount of self study in yoga training. Not only do you learn how to teach a flow, make play list, learn about the human body, you are also learning about how people will land on their mats in your class. At times you reflect on how you land on your mat… What got you to the studio? Why are you practicing? How are you taking care of yourself…

Yoga Teacher Training (TT) has absolutely been a turning point for me. Not only physically but how i react to my own reflection in the mirror.

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