About me….

In a quest to find a few moments of quiet, I a 200 hour yoga certified instructor, rolled out my mat back in 2000 to just help me slowdown from the daily activities of  college life. Week by week I started to see a change in myself that I was not able to put my figure on. After graduation in 2003 I moved back home and found a yoga studio where I could practice, I didn’t have a job yet but I knew I would need to get on my mat.Life tossed many different twist and turns in my life professionally and socially.

In 2011 I got married to my husband, moved to his hometown and hit the reset button on my life, yet again. Before the beds were made, walls were painted or any other nesting started, I found a yoga studio near my new home. After my twins were born prematurely in 2013, yoga gave me the support for my newest journey as a mother and wife. Through my practice I noticed that I needed to be a bit kinder both mentally and physically to myself. This led me to get certified as an instructor in 2016.

Looking at me I do not look like the “typical” yoga instructor. Far from a size 0,4, or even 10. In my teaching I  strives for my students to be a bit kinder to themselves, a littler lighter mentally and find the flow of life easier to take on.