It’s Wednesday Morning…..

Last night I went to bed not knowing what was going to happen both outcomes really scared me, and I don’t feel I was the only one. When I woke up I saw the outcome my heart sank. What had just happened.

So here is what I’m going to do… and your welcome to join me in this… I’m taking this one on like I take things on when I’m on my mat. I’m going to breath thru this. Take each moment slowly and mindfully. In my heart I know there is with out a questions more good in the world than evil. More light than darkness, and well more compassion than hate. So I will not going to share my political views, rather I’m going to stand tall and breath.

There are days when I get on my mat as just part of my weekly cycle, I just go thru the motions and do what I feel I “should be doing”, while there are other days I get on my mat and cry, laugh, come to peace. Either way I breath thru my practice and just see what happens.

Hey, we’re all in this together! How are you are taking on the news of last nights election is a clear view of how you take most things on. Are you yelling, are you cursing the universe, are you crying, in sorrow, gloating? Or like me are you just trying to breath thru it.